For man, woman and child


Our briefs include seamless designs made ​​with the best technologies from leading Italian companies.

Our products include:

Seamless hosiery and men's and women's briefs

Child briefs

Children’s briefs range from classic designs to the lively and colourful, and from simple briefs to boxer shorts. All products are well-packaged and made by important Italian brands.

Our products include:

children's slip / boxer /culotte / mini in single pack or tripack

Woman briefs

Our women’s briefs come in a wide range of styles and colours, are packaged with quality in mind, and come from iconic Italian brands.

Our products include:

women's slip / thong / loincloth / culotte in single pack and tripack

Man briefs

Italwear’s men’s briefs are made ​​of cotton and cotton stretch fabrics, in basic and fashionable styles. The products are in some cases offered in double or triple packs for quicker sale. Our lots vary in number from 1,000 to 1,200 pieces, with prices that range from 30 cents to 3 euros.

Our products include:

men's boxer / slip / loincloth in single pack or with multiple sales