Clothes for the whole family

Child clothing

Our clothing for children is divided into infant clothing, baby boys’ clothing and baby girls’ clothing. The manufacturers that we deal with are the best Italian producers, which guarantees the quality of the materials and make of the products. Our clients are also always very interested in our licensed brand-name products for children.

Our products include:

Knitwear / trousers / jeans / skirts / polo shirts / t-shirts / sweaters / bodysuits / tracksuits / romper suits / jackets / coats

Man and woman clothing

Our clothing stock comprises a wide variety of products for men and women, all of which are separated by brand. These range from outerwear to simple printed t-shirts. In each line, there are numerous products in different sizes and colours, providing our clients with a complete set of products that facilitate sales to their customers. Each lot generally contains between 600 and 1,000 pieces of clothing, which have prices ranging from about 1 to 8 euros. Our packing list contains precise content information on our stock, with realistic photos of all of the products offered.

Our products include:

Knitwear / trousers / jeans / skirts / polo shirts / t-shirts / sweaters / outerwear


The sales portal , and access is granted to the client after telephone consultation with one of our customer service representatives, who will explain the program’s features and operation. Registering for the portal gives you access to all products, including personalized offers and recommended items. The sales portal is a quick purchase channel, updated constantly.

The web site is a quick purchase channel that allows our customers to stay up to date and place their orders directly online.