Child nightwear

Our children's sleepwear is divided into toddlers’ and children’s items, and by season. Our suppliers are leading Italian companies, which allows us to offer quality products with well-known and appreciated brands. We pay particular attention to the preservation of the original boxes and envelopes that show the brands.

Our products include:

short and long nightwear in cotton / sweatshirts / pile / interlok / rompers / dungarees

Child socks

Our socks for baby boys, girls and toddlers are offered in basic and fashionable styles, as well as non-slip varieties. The materials used by our Italian producers are of the highest quality.

Our products include:

socks / knee-high socks / tights / sports shoes / basketball shoes / sneakers / non-slip shoes / invisible socks

Child clothing

Our clothing for children is divided into infant clothing, baby boys’ clothing and baby girls’ clothing. The manufacturers that we deal with are the best Italian producers, which guarantees the quality of the materials and make of the products. Our clients are also always very interested in our licensed brand-name products for children.

Our products include:

Knitwear / trousers / jeans / skirts / polo shirts / t-shirts / sweaters / bodysuits / tracksuits / romper suits / jackets / coats

Child briefs

Children’s briefs range from classic designs to the lively and colourful, and from simple briefs to boxer shorts. All products are well-packaged and made by important Italian brands.

Our products include:

children's slip / boxer /culotte / mini in single pack or tripack

Child knitwear

Our broad range of knitwear for children is divided between infants’ and children’s products, as well as by season. We use high-quality materials ranging from plush cotton to makò cotton and have new seasons’ products on offer well in advance, in order to ensure that purchases arrive on time.

Our products include:

shoulder straps / shoulder / short sleeved / t-shirts / long sleeved / turtleneck / bodysuits / shirts

Child beachwear

Beach outfits are separated into toddlers’ and children’s lines. The products are all made by Italian companies, are of high quality and are carefully packed in boxes or bags that protect them and maintain the original branding. We have many brands for children available under license.

Our products include:

one-piece swimsuits / brassier swimsuits / brassieres / boxers / slips / beach trunks / bermudas / sarongs / bikinis



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