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The lots, of any type of product, are easily checkable in our warehouses and they could be purchased directly, both on our website and in our showroom. The lots are made to ensure our customers the best possible selection, to provide them products that can be easily resold: in this way we can provide the widest possible choice at a very affordable price. The lots are prepared and packed with great care in our warehouses. Moreover, we always create a packing list that contains the description of the exact content of the lot.

Italwear's is leader in collecting and selling stock, in Italy and all over the world, of products of various categories that include underwear, lingerie, clothing, household linens, accessories, body care and much more. We propose weekly-renewed promotional offers with a vast range and variety of products. Thanks to our experience and professionalism recognized in this industry, we are able to provide numerous lots of different products of premium quality at affordable prices all over the world and all year long.

Our existing customers, operating in different countries such as Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Europe and Africa, have the advantage of being able to manage their own promotional area on an ongoing basis, well organized and, therefore, with lower costs. The high quality, the wide assortment and the variety of products contained in our lots allow our customers, eventually, to resell the whole lots or the products individually, more easily and with greater satisfaction from buyers.
Our customers receive weekly news through newsletters with new arrivals and targeted offers so that they can easily view the content of the lots through our web site in a simple way.

We provide service and continuous support from the selection of the product, which can also take place in our showroom, until the accurate and eventually customized packaging of the products and the international shipping through partners specialized in logistics. Each customer will have a personal assistant that will support with any kind of need and request.