In our head office in Castel Goffredo (Italy), Italwear's exposes all the products in a showroom open to its customers.
In our large showroom all the goods that could be purchased are exhibited and they could be checked. All the year long, our customers have the chance to see and touch the products directly in the showroom.

Here our trained and highly competent sales assistants help our customers to weigh up and select the best and the most suitable products for their market and their customers target.
Our sales assistants can assist the customers in several languages and they are aware of the specificity of the different international markets in terms of preferences of the local consumers, the requirements of assortment and the most suitable brands.

Since the products are physically stored in the same location of the showroom, our customers can see the product for sale and not only the representative samples. They also have the possibility to verify the care with which the products are packed and the precision with which a packing list with the detailed information of each lot is made.