The merchandise, which is selected by us, weekly arrive in our head office and it is stored in our warehouses. Here the staff of Italwear’s makes the sorting, the checking and the subdivision of the goods into lots.

packing list is created for each lot. We always provide the packing list to our customers so that they know the exact content of the lot. On our website, in addition to the lot packing list, you will find all the shipping information so that our customers know exactly how the goods are packed and what they will accurately receive.

The products could be packed on the customer's request. For example in a polybag or with ad hoc labeling. The shipments are organized in accordance with the customers. The goods can be shipped according to the timelines they require: Italwear's can offer a forwarding servicerelying on experienced partner couriers; as an alternative we can also work with the forwarders chosen by our customers.