Conditions of Sale

Terms and conditions of sale

1) Orders

The requests of orderes arrived from web site are to be controlled to confirm the final availability.
Italwear’s will send the proforma for payment within 2 days after the order confirmation. The proforma is the confirmation of the availability of the goods.

The payment over the proforma should be done within 10 days after the proforma receipt. In case of missing payment the order will be cancelled without the additional announcement.

Otherwise within 10 days the client can pay the confirmatory account of at least 30% of the total amount to block the goods and afterwards the payment should be closed and the goods should be picked up within 30 days. In case of the delays the client will lose the confirmatory account and the order will be cancelled. We would like to precise the each account paid for the order relates only to this order and cannot be “shifted” to another order.

When ordering for the first time the client should provide Italwear’s with the fiscal data of his company in order to permit correct emission of the documents.
In case the origin of the client is European Union the client should provide the VAT number which will be verified in VIES system.

Eventual particular requests of the client as for the goods preparation (labelling, unpackaging etc.) should be done within 2 days from the moment of the order confirmation and our customer service manager will inform you about the costs of the additional service within 3 days after the request presentation.

2) Payment methods

Italwear’s srl accepts the following ways of payment:

• Cash up to max 2.999,99€

• Bank transfer on the bank account given in proformas and the bank commission is totally on the account of the client

• Credit Card with the addition of 3% for the operation

• Paypal (we will give the coordinates by request) with the addition of 3,5% for the operation (5% for the international payments).

The payment is considered to be done when money lay on our account.
Payment confirmation SWIFT is favourable but does not substitute money arrival on the account.

3) Invoice emission

The invoice for the bought goods will be given to the client in case he comes to pick up or will be sent by e-mail within 2 days after the shipment.

The invoices for the confirmatory accounts will be sent within 2 days after the payment receipt.

The eventual requests from the Italian clients as for the emission of the invoice VAT free should be communicated 2 days before the invoice emission in order to have time to check.

All the prices VAT free on our web site; the VAT will be applied according to the legislative norms in force.
In case European company does not have VAT number registered in VIES system on the moment of invoice emission, the VAT valid at that period will be applied.

The eventual new procedures resulted from the introduction of electronic invoice emission will be communicated as soon as possible.

4) Exports extra UE

The clients who are registered out of the EU and who send their transport company to pick up the goods should pay the VAT which will be the warranty of providing of the export documentation.

The amount corresponding to the VAT will be fully returned as soon as Italwear’s will be provided with the correct export documentation.

In case the client sends his transport company to pick up the goods, he should provide our custom service office with the name of the transport company and its contact information in order to permit us to check the correct export documentation.

In case Italwear’s does not receive the export declaration we will keep the amount of VAT.

5) Order preparation

The order will be sent in preparation the day after the receipt of payment (as described in paragraph 2) and will be prepared for the shipment within 24 hours.

The goods from one order can be placed in more than one warehouse so we cannot guarantee that the pick up will be from one place.

The particular requests regarding packaging, transport, delivery time, special transport vehicles, unloading limitation etc. should be communicated while order placement so that we can check the possibility to meet the request and the eventual cost of it, which will be fully on the client’s account. In case the required service will change the time for preparation or for shipment, we will inform the client about it.

6) Transport costs

We work on Ex Works conditions and all the costs of transport and custom clearance are to be covered by the client.

7) Shipping method

The goods will be shipped by our courier within the time terms indicated in the paragraph 5.

The terms of delivery vary from 24 to 48 hours on the basis of the geographical zone.

The client can send his own courier that should inform us at least 24 hours before the pick-up.

The client can come for the pick-up himself agreeing the visit by phone beforehand.

8) Missing items

The eventual missing items in each single order should be communicated within 10 days after the goods delivery. In this case, the client should prove that the boxes were not damaged at arrival.

The client has to provide Italwear’s with the details of the received boxes in order that we can check with our internal information. When we make all the necessary controls, we will proceed with the emission of the credit note and with the transfer of the amount that corresponds to the cost of the missing goods.

The credit note will not be emissed in case we do not confirm the claim. 

9) Return and Refunds

Italwear’s srl accepts the return of the goods within 15 days after the goods receipt by the client.
The procedure is as follows:

1. The client should send an e-mail to his referent account manager with the details of the goods and the reason of return.

2. The referent account manager should first confirm the request. We accept returns only of the entire lot, partial return will not be accepted. The client sends back the goods at his own expenses.

3. The client together with the goods should provide our customer service office with the ddt of the returned goods. The eventual damages caused during the shipment of return will be at the client’s expenses.

4. The confirmation of the  returns receipt will come from our customer service within 1 day after the actual receipt. 


5. We will control the goods within 5 days after their receipt and will communicate to the client eventual differences.

6. After the emission of the credit note we will proceed with the refund by bank transfer.