26 октябрь 2020


The "PREMIUM BRANDS" section of our site is full of important names!   To meet the needs of our customers, we have created small monobrand stock lots.   From clothing to leather goods, from fashion accessories to travel and school items, we are sure you will find wh...

11 август 2020

Maxi operation: MD!

We are pleased to inform you that we have just entered into an important collaboration with one of the largest players in the Mass Market sector: MD.

31 июль 2020

Shipping Info and Summer Closure

SHIPPING INFO FOR SUMMER CLOSURE In order to facilitate our customers, in view ofthe summer closing, we inform you that the cargo of foreign shipments organized by customers will be made until August 12th, 2020. Foreign shipments organized by Italwear's will b...

05 июнь 2020

New online: ARENA!

One of the most well-know sport brands, especially for water sports. Arena means spirit of competition, easily recognizable also in their swimsuit collections, made of technical textiles and materials design for WINNERS.

14 январь 2020


В 2005 году психолог Клифф Арнал впервые рассказал о феноменеСИНЕГО ПОНЕДЕЛЬНИКА.   Что это?Это самый печальный день в году!   Видимо, окончание рождественских праздников, возобновление работы и неблагоприятные погодные условия означают, что с кажд...