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Sorting, check and subdivision of the goods into lots in our 20.000 m2
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Italwear's products are available in lots containing large quantities of an item, sold at very attractive prices. Lots must be purchased in full, so you cannot choose only certain sizes or colors. Our staff prepares a detailed products list, including the quantity and complete description of items in the lot.

Items available change weekly and can include clothing, intimate apparel, accessories, home products, and more.

More than 120 brand
More than 16 categories
News always new

Strength points

  • A decade-long and consolidated experience in the industry.
  • Competitive prices and always new active offers.
  • A wide assortment of both categories and products.
  • Always new proposals, and what we propose is what we deliver!
  • Sourced from Italian manufacturers of both branded and non-branded products.
  • Ready for delivery and the possibility to pre-order products.
  • The showroom and warehouses are accessible for inspecting the goods.
  • Product photos are real and correspond to the offered products.
  • You have a dedicated sales representative.
  • We offer the possibility to purchase multiple lots.
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20.000 m2 warehouse
24h fast delivery
7 days new arrivals
every week


is leader in collecting and selling stock, in Italy and all over the world.

Italwear's is leader in collecting and selling stock, in Italy and all over the world, of products of various categories that include underwear, lingerie, clothing, household linens, accessories, body care and much more. We propose to our clients a vast range of premium quality goods at affordable prices; thanks to our weekly promotional offers we highlight the products of the moment in a transparent, simple and direct way, all over the world, and all year long.


In our head office in Castel Goffredo (Italy), Italwear's exposes all the products in a showroom that is open to the customers. In this exhibition location, our trained and highly competent multilingual sales assistants (speaking Italian, English, Spanish, French and Russian) will help the customers to weigh up and select the best and appropriate products for their target, to better interpret the relevant market.

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The merchandise, which is selected by us, arrives every week and it is stored in our warehouses. The Italwear’s staff makes the sorting, the checking and the split. The merchandise is carefully packed in parcels and in pallets, according to packing lists that are available for our customers. 

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Our portal is reserved exclusively for b2b sales and the access will be guaranteed to our customers after a telephone contact with one of our operators who will explain the features and the mode of operation. The registration to our stock sale portal allows our customers to access all our products offers and the curtomized offers as well as the recommended products.